An information scientist walks into…

That’s were the story of Bruno Lauwers begins. He currently is a Software Engineer at, who is joining our IT Young Professional Program. Let’s follow his journey.

… If you would have told me one year ago, that I would be writing a blog about why I love the technical challenges of software development, I probably wouldn’t believe you. And yet, here I am.


I studied Information Science at Utrecht University before I started working at Although Information Science is related to IT, its focus is more on using software to help organizations and consumers than on developing software. Of course part of the study were some basic courses on software development. But my real introduction to developing software was when I started the Young Professional program of


I never thought of myself as someone who would like to develop software. I learned it, because I knew it would be a nice skill to have. Software Engineering was not something I wanted to do during the rest of my career, but then something strange happened. I actually started to enjoy writing code and thinking about how projects should be organized. Even the infrastructure that services run on started to sound really interesting!


Young and professional

The Young Professional program has been a great help in finding out what I really like to do. Within the program you get a lot of freedom to find out what you really like. When you have a good idea, you actually get time to work on it. For example, a small group of colleagues and I built’s own academy. This is an internal platform for hosting all our development and testing training. During this time I learned a lot about infrastructure, about code and about collaborating with other people than your team members. But most of all I learned how much I enjoy working with a small team, to build something that people really use. Something I’d like to do for the years to come.


If you got inspired by my brief history, maybe you’d like to join’s IT Young Professional program yourself.