Jasper van Heijst

Young Professional Software Engineer

When did you start working at bol.com?

About one year ago I joined the Young Professional program at bol.com. This is a two years program, to become an all-round software engineer. The reason for me to choose this program above others, is because of the learning and development opportunities. Also it’s great that the program is flexible. You have quite some freedom to create your own program, that matches your own wishes.

What's your background?

To be honest, I don’t have a degree in software engineering, actually I am a strayed mechanical engineer. Most of the things I knew about IT (mostly Java and SQL) was self-taught from the internet. And however you can find (almost) everything you want to know about software online, I wanted to learn from experienced people in an environment that stimulates you to learn new things. I have not been disappointed!

What did you do in the past year?

In consultation with my current manager I started my Young Professional program in the team responsible for the banners and sponsored products. This is an experienced team, where I could get used to the bol.com software environment. I learned the difference between creating software alone in your student room, or creating software for a big company. Besides Java, I had the opportunity to work with Hadoop, an interesting technology. All of my colleagues were very helpful and helped me discover more about the technologies we used. With a group of Young Professionals, I worked on a front end project as well, learning a bit of Javascript and PHP. I don’t master all these technologies for now, but I can guarantee that I learned a lot in my first year at bol.com!

I wanted to learn from experienced people in an environment that stimulates growth.
Jasper van Heijst
Jasper van Heijst Young Professional Software Engineer

And what are you going to be working on next?

In the past year I learned a lot about software engineering. Recently I noticed that I had very little knowledge about the systems where the applications, I wrote, were running on. That is why I decided to do an internal internship in system engineering. The manager of the SRT team welcomed me. And for the coming 3 months I will be working with and learning about load balancers, proxy servers and Docker containers.

After this short sidestep in system engineering, I will probably go back to a software engineering position for the rest of the Young Professional program. I would like to learn another language besides Java. For me, learning multiple languages helps you learn the main concepts of software engineering, even with different implementations. I am now looking for a nice spot within the company to complete the program. Luckily for me there are plenty of opportunities!