GOTO Night @ Elasticsearch

On the 25th of March will host the GOTO Night at our main office at the Papendorpseweg 100, Utrecht.

Speakers: Anne Veling & Jettro Coenradie

18:00 Registration & Pizza
18:30 Short Intro
18:35 Anne Veling
19:30 Short break
19:45 Jettro Coenradie
20:45 Ending with beers

“Eventually Elasticsearch: Eventual Consistency with ElasticSearch in a mixed SQL/NoSQL Landscape” by Anne Veling

Based on the experience of an ElasticSearch implementation at, we’ll discuss the consequences of different modes of operation of ElasticSearch in an environment of existing SQL databases. How can you connect ElasticSearch to change queues of other databases, how can the versioning mechanism be used to implement optimistic locking, and what are the consistency consequences of using ElasticSearch as either a freetext index on external data, a data cache or as the single source-of-truth system?

“Elastic.on recap” by Jettro Coenradie

This year elasticsearch organises their first global conference. San Fransisco is the place to be for engineers doing something with elasticsearch. To bad that not everybody can be there. Therefore Jettro is going to give you an impression of what took place at elastic.on 2015. He is going to give you the highlights of the presentations he attended. Provide insights in the new product features elasticsearch is creating in Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana.

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