Unboxing bol.com

“What do you mean, just a store?”
“What do you mean, just keeping a website online?”
“What do you mean, no hardcore IT culture?”

Bol.com is the store millions of customers love. But how do you define ‘store’? Is it still a store if the virtual shelves are stocked by 57 Scrum teams? How many stores have over 6 million customers, who generate over 15 million clicks per day? And at what other store can you parse and interpret a terabyte worth of click data on a Hadoop cluster?

Bol.com challenges you to explore the store behind our store. A store where the standard assortment consists of Hadoop, MongoDB, Agile Scrum and Continuous Delivery. And a store where you, an ambitious starting IT professional, will be warmly welcomed by 250 experienced IT colleagues. Personal development programs? Sharing knowledge internally and externally? Breaking molds at hackathons? A ‘think future, act now’ philosophy? Choosing your own device & tooling? Discover bol.com!

What? Unboxing bol.com – IT Young Professional Event
When? Wednesday 23 November from 14:00 to 18:00, snacks included
For whom? Results-driven, motivated self-starters about to complete their IT study and interested in the vacancy of IT Young Professional

Have you always wondered how Agile bol.com is? Find out by sending your CV to noduber@bol.com and meet our IT professionals!