Storage Expo

op woensdag 4 november spreekt Niels Basjes (IT Architect om 14:00 uur op Storage Expo in de Jaarbeurs Utrecht (zaal 12).

At Big Data is the fact of life for almost everything. One of the key things needed to successfully run Big Data solutions is understanding what it takes to make the solution scale horizontally. In this presentation I’ll go into some of the basic concepts of Big Data. How Big Data solutions accept and use the characteristics of the underlying hardware and what this means for the architecture of the applications and algorithms that run on it. At the end of this presentation you will understand why I say that nobody running a true BigData system uses a SAN to store their data.

Niels Basjes (1971) has been working for since May 2008. Before that he was working as a Webanalytics architect for Moniforce, and as an IT architect/researcher at the National Aerospace Laboratory in Amsterdam. At the primary focus of Basjes are scalability problems and he is responsible for the shift in thinking about data and the business value it contains. Basjes designed and implemented many of the personalization algorithms that are in production today at Basjes studied Computer Science at the TU Delft, and has Business administration degree at Nyenrode University.