Tech, Beers & BBQ – IT Summer Event

Which three things make every developer happy? Tech, Beer and BBQ @!

Sure, some people may think we do ‘complicated’ work, but as developers, we know that we actually like the simple things in life. Pour us a beer or two, slap a juicy chunk of meat on the BBQ, and we’re ready to roll. Especially if we can enjoy these treats with likeminded techies and can discuss the latest tooling. Sounds like developers’ paradise? Join us on the 9th of July!

No-nonsense NoSQL

Our new office in Utrecht is the décor. NoSQL the conversation starter. NoSQL enthusiasts Ton Elie and Hubert de Heer will introduce their no-nonsense view on this scalable data storage technique, primarily from a MongoDB perspective. What are the functional, technical and operational advantages? What are the potential risks and challenges? And how would you go about creating a NoSQL big data solution?

Join the party!

The beer’s cold. The BBQ’s heated up. All we have left to wish for, is your attendance! If you are curious about the practical uses of NoSQL and would like to share your thoughts on this and/or related subjects, simply register at here or send an email to . Let’s drink, eat and talk tech!

What? Tech, Beer and BBQ
Where? Papendorpseweg 100, Utrecht
When? Thursday the 9th of July at 16:30 till +/- 20:00 hours
Why? Because it’s always fun to share with development peers