IT Internship #1

Evaluating application traffic load balancing

What’s it about?

Throughout the years incorporated a plethora of (load-balancing) proxies into its IT landscape. It’s becoming increasingly difficult both to maintain, and keeping engineers comfortable using these different technology stacks. The research will be twofold. The first part is to determine the various use-cases we have with regard to proxying, and how those needs could best be catered for. Since these stacks are deeply intertwined into our infrastructure, consequences of switching load-balancing techniques should be considered as well.

Second, the use of Apache’s Jserv protocol should be reviewed. This protocol, originating from 1998, is considered to be more performant than HTTP. However, actual research and measurements on these claims are scarce. It also raises the question whether HTTP 2.0 already catched up with Jserv. We’d like you to perform research on this topic, and determine what’s the best application protocol for connecting back-end services to their proxies.

What’s techstack?

  • More than 10 different load-balancers and proxies
  • Gathering and analyzing performance data from Graphite and/or Prometheus
  • Deep-dive into web-application protocols such as HTTP and Jserv
  • Backend applications hosted with Tomcat

How do we (and our customers) benefit from it?

Revealing opportunities for lower latency and better response times of the webshop.