IT Internship #2

Chart the advantages of physical hardware versus virtualization

What’s it about?

At, we serve an enormous amount of image files. We have about 50 million of them in our digital asset management system, and these are all being rendered to the web shop in a variety of formats. Our current render service runs on virtual hardware and it gets the job done, but it’s starting to struggle under the load. This makes us curious if physical (GPU optimized) hardware could give us an edge. And if so, what kind of performance benefits are we talking about?

What will you do?

Answer these questions. Analyze the benefits of GPU hardware, map the additional costs to performance improvement ratios, design a technical implementation, set up test scenarios, the works.

What’s the tech stack?

  • Golang
  • ImageMagick
  • Docker
  • Linux
  • REST
  • Hardware resourcing optimization

How do we (and our customers) benefit from your internship?

From the moment we implemented Escher, we’ve used it extensively for a range of image processing functions. For example, for automatic removal of white space and resizing. The organization is fully aware of our rendition capabilities, and our workload is continuously increasing. We now have to upscale in order to keep up with the throughput demands. A successful project will enable us to keep serving more visuals, faster and better, for years to come.