IT Internship #3

Investigate and counsel us on model-based performance testing

What’s it about?

We run extensive, time consuming performance tests on everything before it goes live. We hate delays, but we hate potential hidden problems even more. Add to this that we categorically abhor unnecessary delays, and you’ll understand that we’re keen to investigate model-based performance testing. The prospective time savings are alluring. But we need to know more before we can make this particular go/no-go decision. For example, how exactly should we model our applications? And how accurate can we expect the results of model-based testing to be?

What will you do?

Find answers to these questions. Acquire and share the expertise we currently lack. This is a highly theoretical topic that will require considerable in-depth analysis. Which makes this the perfect assignment for IT talent with an academic background.

What’s the tech stack?

None, really.  Unless you run into promising tooling.

How do we (and our customers) benefit from your internship?

If your research indicates that model-based performance testing can be done both effectively and efficiently for our applications, your work can innovate the way we do things. This could significantly expedite our production process and enable us to deliver improvements and new features more rapidly.