IT Internship #4

Improve our Axon tool for integration testing from proof-of-concept to production quality

What’s it about?

We recently explored the benefits of property-based testing by building a tool for CQRS and the Axon framework that generates integration tests on-the-fly. It’s currently still just a proof-of-concept, but we’re enthusiastic about the platform’s potential and eager to proceed. If it can do everything else we think it’s capable of, this would be an invaluable addition to our toolkit.

What will you do?

Take our groundwork in Axon to the next level. We want to realize substantial improvements in the following areas:

  • Prune scenarios (remove redundant Commands) before testing.
  • Improve Command generation and make it more reusable.
  • Increase the complexity of interactions, e.g. incorporate external factors such as time.
  • Improve verification rules.

What’s the tech stack?

How do we (and our customers) benefit from your internship?

Automated integration tests would allow us to test more thoroughly, with less effort, in a shorter amount of time. We can apply the time savings to other important work and our customers and users get their improvements and new features quicker.