Blog: Let our users shine – By Andreea Marin

At we like fixing things so whenever we can, we try to take advantage of any moment to do this. Last week we organized a hackathon with around 30 of us (software engineers, test engineers, UX designers and business analysts) in order to work on things that are hindering the activity of our users (sellers, private individuals or businesses selling via

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Fixing things

Blush points

We took the competition really seriously and every team tried their best to gather as many blush points as possible. Wait! What are these blush points? Sometimes in the work of an engineer there are some things that go wrong. There are things that don’t have huge impact on the functionality, but can still cause frustration for the users. You know… those things that always sink at the bottom of the backlog. However, when somebody reminds us about them, they make us blush.

Happy sellers

We want happy sellers

After 2 coding and hacking sessions (and loads of muffins and coffee) we tested our fixes and brought them live for our users to enjoy. Since we don’t lose any opportunity to have a small competition in place we had awards for those fixing the most blushes. We had tons of fun. This is only our second edition and we are only getting started.

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The winners