launches Techlab

On the 7th of February launched Techlab is a blog site where our Engineers share their experiences, experiments and developments. And give our readers a look behind the screens. But it’s also a place where you can find more about tech events and meetups.

Technology runs in the veins of all’ers. And by “’ers” we mean everybody, whether they work in IT or not. With 6,5 million customers, 28 million monthly visits and 15 million products everything we build is at scale. Our software evolves with the company.

“Each and every one of us has been asked at least once what they do at For the outside world, the answer is simple: we run an online store. But for us, it’s much more than that. We experiment. We develop. We monitor. We fix. We innovate. We learn. And we enjoy all of it!”, says Andreea (Software Engineer and initiator of Techlab). By launching this blog site wants to give something back to the Tech Community. We believe that together with the whole tech community we can work towards better solutions and better (open source) technologies.

Check it out!