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Product Way of Working Coach Coaching partner in modern product thinking and discovery

Bachelor / Master
5.000 - 6.500
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Hoe maak jij onze klanten blij?

Together with our 47,000 partner sellers, is changing retail to make daily life simpler for 13 million customers. By now, those customers swipe and click through a catalog of over 33 million articles. Getting to that point, required a huge (and hugely rewarding) effort and entailed countless innovations by our teams. Expanding even further won’t be a small task either. To facilitate future growth, we transitioned into a product organization. But what does that imply for our way of working? It’s up to you to improve our ‘product way of working’, so that we can continue to delight our customers and partners. How? By coaching product teams and instilling product thinking within our fast-growing product organization of 1,000+ Tech and Product professionals.

De grootste uitdaging

How can we become Europe’s number one product-led tech company by 2023? In 2008, we were one of the first Dutch companies to truly embrace agile. Today, the platform consists of 50+ tech products developed by 120+ innovation teams. We are ambitiously growing the product craft and mindset within our agile way of working. Sure, we’re aware of the world of theories and frameworks already out there. The challenge is to create an approach that aligns with’s unique DNA. Zoom in on the human dynamics level and help shape our product thinking approach. By experimenting with leaders and teams, and by boosting product thinking knowledge.

Wat je doet as a Product Way of Working Coach

  • You coach product teams to hone their product way of working and evangelize product thinking (product strategy/discovery/delivery) to empower them
  • You (co)design interventions on an organizational level to grow product thinking and to boost product teams’ effectiveness and advancement
  • You train the trainers, freely sharing your in-depth product thinking knowledge with colleague coaches
  • You become the ultimate coach, someone who understands how people and teams operate (what makes them tick?) and which implementation phases they go through

As Product Way of Working Coach, you are a contributing member of the coaching team; a mix of WoW and Transition coaches, supplemented by three WoW design colleagues who are happy to help you advance product development competence within The role involves a good deal of pioneering and trial & error, but you can bounce ideas off 8 direct colleagues and an inspiring People Lead who is a veteran transition coach. So if the coaching gets tough, feel free to tap into that reservoir of knowledge and experience!

You’ll constantly improve your ‘coaching product’, based on an evolving product vision and ongoing customer feedback. All innovations, from game-changing disruptions to modest optimizations, start with an idea. The sparks for those ideas are often caused by issues customers, partners and employees experience. So when people bring those issues to your attention, roll out the red carpet, not the red tape!

Waarom jij het verschil kan maken

Because you know the ins and outs of modern tech product development and are an experienced (team)coach. Hands-on experience with product transitions is a major plus. Experience with working with Innovation teams and teaming up with Product Managers, Tech Leads, Engineering Managers, and UX Designers is a must. You have a progressive vision on the product way of working and know how to engage and inspire teams and the individuals that comprise them. Because our teams and the organization as a whole are evolving at breakneck speed, we need to constantly evaluate, fine-tune and – at times – reinvent our product way of working to remain on top of our game. So, as our Product Way of Working Coach, you need to hit the ground running. Are you up to the challenge?

3 redenen waarom dit (n)iets voor jou is

  • Yes, if you’re passionate about product thinking and can cultivate that passion in everyone you encounter
  • Yes, if you like working with a range of cross-functional teams, comprising people of wildly diverging backgrounds
  • Yes, if you’re not only a product theorist but also have hands-on experience in helping teams to adopt a product-led way of working
  • No, if helping people develop a groundbreaking new skillset isn’t your thing
  • No, if complex environments and dealing with tech stakeholders are not your forte
  • No, if you see yourself as more of a consultant than a coach

Hier kom je terecht

At the premier online retail tech platform in the Netherlands and Belgium. A platform where 13 million Dutch and Belgian customers can choose from over 33 million articles. A platform that helps 47,000 commercial partners run their businesses. And a platform that will never be ‘finished’, because has been reinventing retail since 1999. And we always will be. If there’s a better way to do something, we’re working on it! Together with our customers, partners, and over 2,400 colleagues. And hopefully together with you. Let’s change retail together to make everyday life easier. Our tech community shares a strong ambition to work hard and play hard in equal measure. The setting is pioneering, and autonomy is actively encouraged. Our teams deploy their own code to the production environment. And you can socialize on our soccer field, in the games room and in the bar on Friday afternoons. Gezellig!, de winkel van ons allemaal (the store of us all). This is the story we work on every day. It is our belief, that this will grow even stronger when many different people add their uniqueness to our story. We invite you to share your story with us. Because when you bring different people together, the most beautiful things will arise.

Wat je krijgt

Wat je krijgt

  • Een blauwe landing

    Nieuwe collega's krijgen bij een warm welkom, zodat jij je zo goed en snel mogelijk thuis voelt bij ons. Tijdens jouw introductieprogramma & ik, nemen we je helemaal mee in de wereld!
  • Geld enzo....

    Werken bij is uitdagend en daar zetten we uiteraard iets tegenover. Naast salaris, ontvang je ook een jaarlijkse prestatiegerichte bonus, vakantiegeld, 29 vakantiedagen, woon-en werkverkeer regelingen, aanvullende premievrije verzekeringen en meer.

Jouw sollicitatieprocedure

  1. We bekijken je sollicitatie zorgvuldig en binnen 2 weken weet je of we je uitnodigen voor een gesprek.
  2. We bellen om het eerste gesprek in te plannen. Prangende vragen kun je dan al meteen stellen.
  3. Dit eerste gesprek zien we als een kennismaking. We leren elkaar beter kennen en ontdekken of we goed bij elkaar passen.
  4. Smaakt het naar meer? Dan gaan we in het tweede gesprek de inhoud in. Hiervoor vul je eerst een online assessment in met persoonlijkheidsvragenlijst, capaciteitentest en een case. Wij lichten de functie en het team toe.
  5. Twee gesprekken zijn vaak genoeg om een goed beeld te krijgen. En als onze liefde wederzijds is, dan begint jouw carrière bij :)

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