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Do you really want to make a difference as a test engineer?, the Dutch largest e-commerce retail platform is looking for you! 

I really enjoy working with a small team, building stuff people really use!
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Do you really want to make a difference as a test engineer?, the Dutch largest e-commerce retail platform is looking for you! 


With over 8 million customers, 30 million monthly visits and 15 million products, is the most successful online retailer in The Netherlands and Belgium. Over 1.300 people – including more than 350 IT-professionals, and 60+ Scrum teams – strive to make into the best, most customer-centric shop possible. Testing is essential to provide this experience.

As an Agile Test Engineer webshop, you make sure the new and existing functionalities work as intended on As this is a responsive site, you verify this with automated and manual tests along breakpoints (mobile, tablet, desktop), in different browsers and on real devices. You also verify the correct layout of the webshop by a sharp eye and automated layout tests using Galen. Each scrum team is responsible for a designated part of the webshop (search pages, product detail pages, list pages, etc).

Your role

  • Develop and implement best-in-class tests for
  • Test our webshop in tandem with Scrum team members
  • Develop and implement a future-proof automated test strategy

Who you are

A Test Engineer with a solid track record in challenging development settings. Agile and Scrum experience is a major asset. Experience with test automation is a must. You combine a strong sense of ownership (build IT, run IT, love IT) with risk awareness and the talent to quickly identify issues and weaknesses. You can translate these into clear-cut measures and recommendations.

Must haves

  • Experience with front-end test automation
  • Familiar with continuous integration & delivery
  • Experience with Java programming
  • Strong communication skills
  • Teamplayer with ‘can do’ attitude

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Your work environment

You will work in an innovative environment with enthusiastic colleges, who will challenge you. You will have access to a large tooling arsenal, including FitNesse/Selenium, Galen, Cucumber and Jmeter & webpagetest for performance tests, to conquer these challenges. Also your (innovative) ideas on testing this front end application will be highly appreciated.
Why cool: Fast development & deployment cycle (live within 1-2 weeks), real agile way of working of which testing is a crucial part, high impact site for 8 million customers.

Come and join this high impact environment, where your go/no-go decisions are directly related to our webshop and where you can have focus on automated testing.

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