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Can you handle the responsibility for the integrity, performance and security of our databases? Become a Database Engineer at!

“Er wordt bij echt op het scherpst van de IT-snede gewerkt!”
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Can you handle the responsibility for the integrity, performance and security of our databases? Become a Database Engineer at!


Over 7.5 million Dutch and Belgian customers already know that is a great place to shop. Because we offer over 16 million products, which are easy to browse on any device. To let every visit be an inspiring, ‘strictly personal’ customer journey, our IT landscape has to meet the highest standards.

As a Database Engineer PostgreSQL you are part of a multidisciplinary team and the projects you work on focus on our Technical Platform Space. You guard and optimize the performance, security and scalability of our databases and offer support to engineers and scrum teams. You provide tools and features to scrum teams so they can do their work independently. You are responsible for automating DBA tasks and monitoring, provisioning and configuration management, of our databases and linux servers. All the scrum teams are responsible for their own deployments and part of your job is to help the teams to be as autonomously as possible.

Your role           

  • You make sure we upgrade and patch on a regular base without, or as less as possible, downtime for the development teams
  • You have a constant focus on improving performance and troubleshooting performance issues.
  • Setting up new database servers and clusters and keep improving the setup for the scale we are using, including backups and restores of course.
  • Monitoring targets for example linuxservers, PostgreSQL and Oracle Databases

Who you are

As a Database Engineer, you stay on top of developments in your field and apply them to lift yourself and to the next level. You are a teamplayer and not afraid to innovate and experiment with the latest tools and techniques. Being on standby is not a problem. But you also appreciate a good night’s sleep and false positives are not conductive.

Must haves

  • Experience in a similar Database Engineering position;
  • Experience with open source or cloud databases such as PostgreSQL
  • Constantly trying to automate yourself out of work. We mainly use Python, Ruby and Ansible or Puppet
  • Preferably you have experience with Nagios, Graphite, Consul and Keepalived
  • You build and administer the best solutions

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Why work at has a great work environment. From the casual atmosphere, to the invigorating energy of the building with its open spaces, to the overall high standard of professionalism. Our scrum teams are autonomous and fully in charge of everything they deliver. We embrace innovation and new technologies. If you want to investigate and implement new techniques, go for it. And of course we have a Choose Your Own Device program. We’re also interested in what makes you tick as a person, in your desires and ambitions, and what projects suits you best.

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