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Always wanted to solve The Boomerang Effect?

I see a strong shift to automated testing within the test field. And that's just what I like!
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Always wanted to solve The Boomerang Effect?


Yup, you read that right: we are looking for an engineer to help us solve The Boomerang Effect. Which you’ve probably never thought of solving, but bear with us. Our 8.5 million customers choose from a catalog of roughly 15 million products. That’s a lot of choices. And despite our best efforts in helping customers decide, sometimes they’ll pick exactly the wrong gift for their wife/ boyfriend/ mother in law/ goldfish. Or for themselves, because, hey, that’s life.

When those products are returned – hence, the Boomerang Effect – it’s up to us to decide what to do with it. Sell it to another customer at a discount? Return it to the supplier? Tell it we’re really sorry it didn’t find a home? The large amount of returns and the complexity of consistently picking the scenario that maximizes profit while minimizing the environmental impact, requires efficient and scalable processes. Which is where we (and you?) come in…

Who are we?

We are scrum team 15R. That’s ‘R’ for ‘reverse logistics’. And not ‘R’ for ‘Remco’, who happens to be a valued team-member/ developer, but not so valued we named the entire team after him. His equally valued colleagues are developer Daria and tester Lucas. Supported by Geurt, who is a hybrid business analyst ‘slash’ product owner and Robbert, who is happy to be ‘just’ a business analyst. Together, we deliver business (and customer!) value by building software that supports complex return logistics processes. In short: we make sure the boomerang doesn’t crash into any window. That requires hard work, but we make sure we have fun while we’re at it.

What do we do?

As a scrum team, we use tooling to develop software in-house. With a focus on delivering IT that helps the business attain their goals. Although we obviously zoom in on return management processes, we apply our solutions to other applications as well. In short: we make sure the reverse operations team can do their work. We like these languages, tools and techniques:

  • Java (Spring Boot, Vaadin)
  • PostgreSQL
  • Git
  • Docker

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Join us if you…

…are a junior or medior Java developer who likes to be challenged to deliver quality software, and are eager to work with business analysts and the business itself. If you bring relevant experience to the table, great, but it’s not a must. What is important:


  • You’re eager to learn and to develop yourself in a rapidly changing environment
  • You have some experience with Java and like to work in an autonomous scrum team
  • You can present ideas/plans convincingly to team members and end users alike
  • You can formulate a view on a specific topic, but are open to alternative ideas
  • You always ask yourself (and your colleagues) if a change really benefits customers

Your work environment

Where other companies speak of ‘platform provisioning’ we subscribe to the ‘if IT moves, automate IT!’ philosophy. We use Docker to work autonomous and think open source is always the best choice. is located in Utrecht and offers a welcoming work environment with an in-house bar, restaurant, AH to go and a new fitness facility. Our strength is a sense of cooperation among equals that drives us to continuously improve ourselves and each other; you can achieve good things alone, and greater things together.

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