Senior API Java Engineer

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Love crafting APIs? We are looking for a craftsman with a clear vision on API software development!

"Onze werkdag stopt nooit. En gek genoeg, ervaar ik dat als positief"
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Love crafting APIs? We are looking for a craftsman with a clear vision on API software development!


In 2010 we created the Open API, for external developers to build upon. In 2014 we launched our own official mobile app for Android & iOS and which then became the no.1 consumer of the Open API. Nowadays our apps are installed on more than 1 million mobile phones and are heavily used. We are currently working on a completely new Open API based on a different architecture.

We have an open position for an experienced API craftsman that has a clear vision on API development and all subjects involved such as; versioning, security, throttling, authentication, aggregation of data, API testing and documentation. As a Java Software Engineer you have experience in building reactive and resilient APIs.

Tech Stack

  • Java
  • Non Blocking IO
  • Reactive: RxJava, Reactor
  • Hystrix
  • Zuul
  • Ribbon
  • Tomcat
  • Spring Cloud 

Who you are
As a Senior Java Developer your technical experience is the basis but equally important is your personality. You have a clear opinion on API related subjects and are willing to share this. On the same time you are open to other suggestions and options. You communicate clearly. You want to be completely responsible for what you have built, as the team will take responsibility all the way up to Production. You enjoy a dynamic environment and perform well autonomously. You work closely together with our Software Engineers, Information Analyst, Architect and Product Owner. Agile and/or Scrum experience preferred!

Must haves

  • Very experienced in building and maintaining (open) API
  • You take ownership for what you build very seriously; you build it, you run it, you love it
  • Go PRO (duction) or Go Home mentality
  • Open-minded personality
  • Teamplayer

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Why work at has a great working environment. From the casual atmosphere, to the invigorating energy of the building with its open spaces, to the overall high standard of professionalism. Our Scrum teams are autonomous and fully in charge of everything they deliver. We embrace innovation and new technologies. If you want to investigate and implement new techniques, go for it. We’re also interested in what makes you tick as a person, in your desires and ambitions, and what projects suit you best. And then there are all of the other reasons, including the on campus soccer field, hackathons, fitness facilities, games-room, and our Friday afternoon get-together with drinks at our own bar.

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