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Do you have both software and system engineering skills? Help realize the best solutions across our entire stack!

I wanted to learn from experienced people in an environment that stimulates growth.
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Do you have both software and system engineering skills? Help realize the best solutions across our entire stack!


Our 60+ development teams are responsible for their own development and deployments. To maintain a manageable and scalable software environment, the Development Process Innovation (DPI) team provides the teams with build infrastructure, tooling, and support. Does a large, high-stakes environment sound stimulating? We’re looking for a tech-savvy specialist who can deliver great solutions.

As Software Engineer Automation you will be part of the DPI team that provides development teams with continuous integration, delivery, deployment solutions and support in a scalable and self-service way. This is an autonomous team of 6 colleagues in which development and operations go hand-in-hand: we build it, run it, and support it!

In DPI, “I” stands for “Innovation”: the team has always been at the bleeding edge of technology within the company. For instance:

  • we were the first users and promoters of Docker and ran the company’s first internal Mesos cluster
  • we designed, implemented, rolled out, and promoted within the company the Mayfly platform for Continuous Delivery, which provides isolated, feature-based development environments
  • we fully automated the (repeatable) creation of Jenkins jobs (more than 4000 at the moment) by introducing a simple build configuration mechanism that teams can author themselves
  • We provide our services (including 3rdparty apps like Jira and Jenkins) to the teams in an IaC (infrastructure as code) way, with high-availability and self-service in mind.

Are you up to helping us innovate further?

Your role

  • Help the development teams accelerate their software delivery
  • Give developers support in the use of our services
  • Proactively think up and work out new ideas

Which tech stack should you think about

  • JVM-based languages like: Java and Groovy
  • Distributed systems like Mesos / Kubernetes and Consul
  • Jenkins / Gitlab CI
  • Docker
  • Linux
  • Go
  • Puppet / Ansible 

If you want to know more about technology at DPI and, please check, the  MayFly talk by your future colleague Maarten Dirkse or Patrick van Dissel about Jenkins jobs talk!

Who you are

You are comfortable in a rapidly evolving environment that requires 24/7 availability and scalability of solutions. You like to share (innovative) ideas for the further development of our platform across the entire stack (from infrastructure to the application level). You’re a natural at tackling impediments quickly and decisively. You also enjoy perhaps even thirst for 😉 experimenting with new technologies.

Must haves

  • Ambitious and innovative Software Engineer
  • Experience with Linux (we use RHEL)
  • Experience with distributed container systems (Docker / Mesos / Kubernetes)
  • Proficient English skills (verbal and written)
  • Good communication skills

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Why work at has one of the best work environments you’ll ever encounter. From the casual atmosphere, to the invigorating energy of the building with its open spaces, to the overall high standard of professionalism. We embrace innovation and new technologies. We encourage employees to investigate and implement new techniques and technologies. We’re also interested in what makes you tick as a person, in your desires, ambitions, and what projects suit you best. And then there are all the other reasons, including going to conferences, meetups, and trainings (all paid for by, an on campus soccer field, hackathons (last year we had 3 of them), fitness facilities, table tennis tournaments, massage chairs, a “Choose Your Own Device” program, a games room and our Friday afternoon get-togethers with drinks at our own bar.

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