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Our 7 million customers expect their parcels to arrive on time. Use your engineering skills to optimize complex delivery chains!

I wanted to learn from experienced people in an environment that stimulates growth.
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Our 7 million customers expect their parcels to arrive on time. Use your engineering skills to optimize complex delivery chains!


Over 7 million Dutch and Belgian customers have already discovered that is a great place to shop. Because we offer 15(!) million products. Because our products are easy to find on any device. And because every visit is an inspiring, ‘strictly personal’ shopping experience. That our 55+ Scrum teams are main drivers of that shopping experience, goes without saying. After all, with millions of page views per day, is a textbook example of a big data environment. Do you combine Java skills with a passion for other technologies, such as databases and big data? Do you welcome the challenge to make a range of platforms – our own and our partners’ – communicate with each other flawlessly? Use your engineering skills to optimize our distribution chain!

As Software Engineer Backend you contribute significantly toward realizing our ambition to deliver the best possible shopping experience. Your solutions constitute the basis for extensive innovations and optimizations of our distribution chain. These solutions deal with large data volumes, intensive asynchronous data transmissions and bulk transactions. A challenging position that requires all of your hardcore IT knowledge (Java, databases) and communicative skills. Together with your Scrum team, you develop, realize and maintain diverse IT solutions. You analyze rapidly changing business requirements, translate needs into clear specifications and make these specs come to life; from proof of concept to deployment. Although you are a Java specialist, this position beacons you to cross boundaries into other areas. You will also be a tester, resolve backlogged user stories, and play a part in the discussion and implementation of future-proofing our architecture, with utmost consideration for scalability. As a Scrum Master you also play a leading role in improving agile processes. A perfect position for Java developers who want to explore new heights in their field and are not afraid to broaden their IT horizons.

Your role in bullet points

  • Develop backend solutions, often – but not always – based on Java
  • Test and maintain solutions, implement optimizations
  • Analyze business requirements, translate into specifications and working solutions
  • Proactive go-live support
  • Resolve backlogged user stories, think about scalability improvements

Who you are

You are a passionate Software Engineer Backend with a solid track record in complex development environments. Java is your native language, web services are your home away from home. Hands-on experience with Oracle (SQL, PL/SQL) or comparable databases is a must. You want to help the business advance and you instinctively think in terms of solutions. You enjoy a dynamic environment and perform well when deadlines loom. Agile and/or Scrum experience preferred!

Must haves

  • Bachelor’s level
  • Experience with requirements gathering, analysis, and writing functional designs
  • Interest in large data volumes, intensive asynchronous data transmissions and bulk transactions
  • Team player with a healthy sense of responsibility and ownership
  • Strong communicator; capable of discussing issues and concepts with business units

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Your work environment offers an IT-driven work environment in which Scrum and Agile are the principle organizational standards. Thanks to development processes, congresses, hackathons and – last but not least – constant feedback from team members, you can expand your professional horizon at record pace. A mix of cutting edge and proven technology? An open, informal setting that encourages and rewards initiative? A ‘think future, act now’ philosophy geared towards continuous delivery? Choose your own devices (CYOD) & tools? Welcome to!


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