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Are you convinced that smart warehousing solutions improve fulfillment? Prove to bol.com that your customizations make our new WMS a perfect fit!

I see a strong shift to automated testing within the test field. And that's just what I like!
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Are you convinced that smart warehousing solutions improve fulfillment?Prove to bol.com that your customizations make our new WMS a perfect fit!

Over bol.com

Bol.com is realizing a state-of-the-art warehouse in Waalwijk. The brain of this warehouse will be a Hardis warehouse management system (Reflex) that is being designed and implemented in the upcoming months. This WMS is incredibly powerful, but it is essential that we tailor it to bol.com’s specific business requirements so that our employees and, more importantly, our 7million customers are catered to flawlessly. Now and in the future, because the optimum product flow can change at any time. Do you have the skills to continuously improve and fine-tune this WMS? Prove to bol.com that your customizations make our new WMS a perfect fit!

As a WMS Developer this is your (unique!) chance to tailor the warehouse management system of the Netherlands’ largest web store to rapidly evolving business requirements. An extraordinary opportunity for WMS professionals who can quickly absorb domain specific languages. During the implementation phase, there will be staff from Hardis on premises to get you up to speed on the (Adelia) development platform. Your job is to unlock the potential of this system and translate it into a solution that fits our business perfectly. How can we best graph the workload of our pickers? How can we optimize the putaway algorithm? And what is the impact of changes on e.g. navigation paths? As a WMS developer you are the adversary of the WMS Consultants in order to translate business requirements into technical solutions. Apart from customizing and developing extensions for the WMS, you also help to configure and optimize the platform. Occasionally you even supervise test procedures.In this role you can apply your technical knowledge and vision into a powerful and important project for bol.com.

In brief

  • Support in translating business processes into technical WMS solutions
  • Focus primarily on process implementations
  • Develop custom code and extensions
  • Optimize processes and configurations
  • Develop, supervise and/ or conduct tests

Who you are

You are an enthusiastic and solution-oriented WMS professional. You combine a genuine passion for ‘the technology’ with well developed communicative skills and enjoy sparring with business units. You go the extra mile to facilitate people and you are the voice of reason. You feel at home in a setting that explores – and constructs – new avenues. You aspire to lay foundations for future-proof solutions, but you can also think on your feet and devise quick and dirty fixes when necessary. As a person, you combine ‘typical’ consultancy traits with hardcore IT affinity. Previous experience with Reflex and Adelia is great, but we will gladly teach you the relevant skills!

Must haves

  • Master or Bachelor educational background
  • Programming experiencein monolithic software packages (e.g. ERP or WMS)
  • Database knowledge is required
  • Experience with similar programming languages as Adelia (e.g. Progress, Uniface or Powerbuilder)
  • Strong organizational skills, capable of juggling several project tasks
  • Team player; cooperative without being a pushover.

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Your work environment

As WMS Developer you operate within the multidisciplinary project team that conceptualizes and implements our WMS. The individual team members may change over time, but the team will include Hardis specialists, internal WMS professionals, and representatives from the business units. And clearly your actions will have a very large impact.

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